Buy Land at Shelter Cove – California’s Hidden Getaway

There is a hidden gem along the coast of California where you can buy ocean front property for under $250.00 per month with only $250.00 down. That’s correct, the dollar price is only two-hundred fifty dollars down and, two-hundred fifty dollars per month to pay off the land. This is a program with guaranteed approvals for everyone who wants to live the American Dream to own land in California.


Shelter Cove is that gem. Shelter cove is known for some of the best salmon fishing, and the most untouched and beautiful coastline still available with a few vacant land opportunities. The climate at Shelter Cove is ideal to enjoy the quality of your life.


Shelter Cove is located in Humboldt County. Shelter Cove is actually located near the Avenue of the Giants “the Redwood Trees”. Shelter Cove is home of California’s black sand beaches. Driving to Shelter Cove is very beautiful and romantic, 23 miles along the “lost coast”. One thing we can almost guarantee, once you visit Shelter Cove, you will always return.

Shelter Cove has been known throughout history as the place to be for boat enthusiasts and commercial salmon fisherman. Salmon fishing in Shelter Cove is amazing! For those that would love fishing as a hobby, what better way to experience fishing than to take one of many boat charters ready to take you out for a fun-filled day of salmon fishing. You are almost guaranteed to catch salmon.

Shelter Cove shoreline is also known for its Abalone diving.

You don’t have to be a fisherman to enjoy Shelter Cove. One of the best parts of Shelter Cove is that it is relatively unknown. The portion of the Northern California coast that Shelter Cove is located on is virtually undisturbed. You can sit back and relax on the black sand beaches and enjoy the sun without being disturbed.

Adjacent to Shelter Cove in Northern California is the Avenue of the Giants where you will see the amazing Redwood Trees (many of which are hundreds of years old).

Shelter Cove has real estate valued in the millions. Imagine yourself and your family owning a piece of the American Dream for prices as low as $250.00 (two-hundred fifty dollars) monthly.

We have available lots and land that can be used to build your Custom Dream Home, Mobile Homes, are also allowed.

Everybody is guaranteed to be approved, no banks, no credit necessary. Owning a piece of the American Dream is as easy as saying 1, 2, and 3.

If you want to learn more about available lots in Shelter Cove and, things to do, call our staff at EagleView Lots and Land at 844-526-3453. If you are thinking of making Shelter Cove your home, vacation spot, business location or recreational stop over destination than, owning a piece of property to enjoy for yourself and or your family will be one of the best decisions in a lifetime.

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