Buying Lots and Land in California / To Buy or Not to Buy

Buying Lots and Land in California / To Buy or Not to Buy

By Eagle View Lots and Land | Submitted On January 7, 2016

Almost anyone can become a California Residential, Commercial, and Recreational land owner! Are you willing to invest or even relocate in California… buying into a piece of the American Dream? You too can be a proud land owner with down and monthly payments starting as low as $50 per month. If you’re considering owning California land, begin by establishing a purpose to be a California land owner. If you’re like the majority of the population and have little savings in the bank, have poor or no credit, but you want to feel what it means to own California Real Estate and have your own land, there are 100% Approval Programs available today to help you achieve your goals! With as little as $50 dollars down and payments starting at only $50/monthly, you can make your land ownership dreams come true.


We have been told numerous times that there is no cheap land available to buy in Southern and Northern California. EagleView Lots and Land has discovered the complete opposite! We have found premium California land available… premium property at the lowest prices… starting at $50 down and $50 monthly. We are talking about lots and land with lake views, mountain views, and even ocean views. These available lots and land are great to build your dream home, mobile home, fantastic for recreation and RV’s, or even to build your own commercial business. If you’re willing to be creative in your expectations and in the ways you use and modify the property, then your American Dream to be a land owner is all yours. It’s time to “think outside the box” of conventional ways to buy land; you may end up with a bargain property for you and your family. Just imagine, you will receive a guaranteed approval to be a California land owner today!


Even if you have bad credit, no banks, no financing, it’s OK, it’s all good! We guarantee your approval with pricing starting as low as only $50.00 down and $50.00 monthly.


At this point it might sound a little too good to be true. We understand if you feel this way and hope to put your mind at ease; we have been in business for 35 years! Call today to learn about owning available land in California with no credit checks, no banks and guaranteed approvals… Visit us at


Phone: 844-Land 4 Less (844-526-3453) to discover available Lots and Land for sale.

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