Mobile Homes-Housing Option When You Own Land

If you have a mobile-home it’s typically titled, much like a car; it’s considered Personal Property not Real Property. An advantage to owning a mobile-home is that you will have a home much quicker than traditional means (compared to purchasing a residential home).

Most of the time, your combined payments on your mobile-home and lot rental are less than that of the area rental or mortgage market of a single residential home. Furthermore, the cost of a new double-wide mobile-home is far less than the average fixer upper single Residential Home in most surrounding areas. This makes it easy and convenient to be a mobile-home resident versus a traditional home resident.

Remember, when you purchase a mobile-home and own your own land:

  1. The overall cost outlay is smaller.
  2. The project is smaller therefore, the overall process is much cheaper and quicker to close.
  3. Financing for a combined mobile-home and land is much smaller, quicker, and more affordable than a traditional single residential home mortgage.
  4. Can you afford $250.00+ for a traditional single family residential home? If not, consider purchasing a California land from EagleView Lots & Land for your mobile-home.

Everybody is guaranteed to be approved for their Lot or Land; No Banks & No Credit necessary.

Owning a piece of the American Dream is as easy as saying 1, 2 and 3.

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