Salton Sea – The Man-Made Haven to Buy Land and, Raise Your Family

One of the greatest miracles in Southern California and on Earth is the making of California’s largest body of water, the Salton Sea. Imagine driving in the California desert and behold you come across a gigantic sea. How is this possible; an inland sea in the middle of the California desert?

Here’s some fun facts and history about the Salton Sea.

Would you believe that the Salton Sea is man-made, and in addition was created by accident? Approximately 100 years ago, engineers tried to build a canal through the California desert for the Colorado River. The engineers did not account for the natural forces of water that resulted in uncontrollable flooding in the Cahuilla Valley. The flooding became a natural saline lake now called the Salton Sea.

At certain times of the year, millions of birds use the Salton Sea as a sanctuary. The lake is an important stopover for such birds that migrate typically from the Arctic to South America every year. It is one of the best aviary view points in the U.S.

Today, real estate investors and land developers are progressively selling lots and land to young families and retirees that wish to build a home on their own piece of land. Placing a mobile home on or parking their Recreational Vehicle “RV” on a lake view parcel facing the Salton Sea is all the rage.

The hopes and dreams of real estate investors and land developers is to progressively invest in the Salton Sea located specifically in Salton City, CA. Anybody that wishes to take advantage of the American Dream to own land in Southern California can now take advantage of ground floor prices before the excitement and popularity catches on.

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