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Shelter Cove

Welcome to Shelter Cove!

Shelter Cove is only 230 miles north of San Francisco, and is accessible by boat, via small mountain road, or by the small Shelter Cove Airport. With a population less than 1,000, this is an idyllic place to enjoy the ocean without the interference of others! Can you think of a more idyllic place to retire?


About Shelter Cove

Because of the very steep terrain on the coastal areas surrounding Shelter Cove, the highway builders constructing State Route 1 (the “Shoreline Highway”) decided it was too difficult to build the coastal highway along a long stretch of what is now the Lost Coast. As a result, the small fishing village of Shelter Cove remained very secluded from the rest of the populous state.

Shelter Cove has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate typical of the North Coast that is characterized by warm, (but not hot) dry summers, and mild to chilly rainy and/or snowy winters. In Shelter Cove’s case the climate is moderated by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean with small temperature variations on average throughout the year, which results in mild year-round temperatures.

As a result of its seclusion, the Shelter Cove area has become a popular spot for those seeking quiet vacation respite or retirement area. Popular activities in the area include fishing, whale watching, hiking, diving for abalone, and other outdoor activities.


Shelter Cove Has…

  • Hotels & Motels
  • Charter Boats
  • Post Office
  • Sheriff’s Station
  • General Store
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Ocean Views
  • Mountain Views
  • Community Park
  • Black Sand Beach
  • Elementary & High School
  • RV Park
  • Golfing
  • Boat Launch Facilities and Marina
  • Sports Shops
  • Trails
  • Scenic Roads
  • Wine Tasting

Being a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Shelter Cove offers your that much needed R & R.

You can stand on the seaside and look out at the whales as they pass multiple times a year. In the summer you can see what the natives called the “smoking hills or burning mountains”, a phenomena of fog that clings to the mountains like a smoke. And don’t forget to visit Shelter Cove’s very own lighthouse.




Whale watching in Shelter Cove and its surrounding areas, is a big deal. Nearly everyone in town along with any visitors, join the fun watching these mammoth creatures travel. To see the animal in its natural state and witnessing it from this most natural environment, is a very spiritual experience. There are several species of whales that frequent this area including: California Grey Whale, Humped Back Whale, and the Blue Whale.




For those outdoors enthusiasts who enjoy nature, there are many campsites located in and around Shelter Cove and even more in its Humboldt County. Some campsites offer all the amenities (water, showers, restrooms, paved parking, full hook-ups, electric and sewer), but the other campsites are for those who don’t mind “roughing it”.




Located on Northern California’s most remote coastline, Shelter Cove is a gateway to the Lost Coast. From here you can hike the Lost Coast and venture into the vastness of the King Range Conservation Area, whether it be a day or a week. Fish, spend time investigating tide-pools or stroll on nearby Black Sands Beach.




If extreme adventure is in your name than paragliding is must be your thing, Shelter Cove has some of the most gorgeous, easily accessed hills around. You can soar for as long as you like. We hear the air-currents are just right.

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