Available Communities

Salton City

In 1958, a community on the west shore of the Salton Sea was mapped out and dubbed Salton City. Salton City currently has 2,000+ homes, about half of which are new or recently renovated. This means one thing: the city is growing. This seaside town is one of the latest cities to develop within the scenic Coachella Valley. All the streets are paved and utilities are set up- the only thing it needs now are smart investors.  If you’re lucky enough to already own land in Salton City, our only advice is to hold onto it and buy more. If you’re interested in owning land in Salton City, you’ll have to act fast. Once the 19,000 lots are built, the cost of developing new lots will skyrocket. Meaning that the development costs alone will be more than the cost of purchasing one now.
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Riverside and Imperial County Acreage

You can find our Premium Recreational Acreage in the Southern California counties of Imperial and Riverside. This acreage is located near, in, and around many desert mountain ranges, including the Chuckwalla Mountains. Due to this stunning location, we have dubbed this area our Riverside & Imperial County Acreage. Vast properties have been transformed into agricultural dynamos in the form of ranches, farms, vineyards, and citrus groves. Small towns are also growing as people flock to this area to enjoy the fresh, virtually smog-free environment.
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Lake View Acreage

Our breathtaking Lake View Acreage is only available for a limited time, so you’ll have to act fast. Recently, we made the fortunate purchase of land near the eastern shore of the Salton Sea in Imperial County, CA. This popular property is located just south of the Riverside County line. With easy access off California State Route 111, we have affectionately dubbed this area the “Lake View” acreage.
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California City

California City has its origins in 1958 when real estate developer and sociology professor, Nathan Mendelsohn, purchased over 80,000 acres of land. He envisioned creating California’s next great city. Mendelsohn set to work planning and designing his model city, which he hoped would one day rival Los Angeles in size. His meticulous planning was centered around a Central Park with a 26-acre lake, which remains the heart of the city to this day.
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Shelter Cove

There are several quaint small towns and villages that rest just off of Highway 101, near Humboldt County. One such small town is Shelter Cove, which is home to approximately 700 people. These locals are out numbered by the multitudes of deer, elk, bear, eagles, and other fascinating wildlife that inhabit the coastal wilderness. In addition, the adjacent Pacific Ocean is teeming with salmon, seals, otter, and pelicans. Whales are also a common occurrence and can be seen making their annual migration north!
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