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Our goal at EagleView Lots and Land is to provide our clients with the best possible service. We would appreciate it if you would take a moment and let us know about your experience working with us to purchase your land. Thank you very much!

It was a pleasure for me to buy the land with Eastville Properties, LTD. I had no problem as long as you meet your payments, nothing happens. Thanks to Eastville Properties, LTD for giving me the opportunity to have a piece of land within my budget.
Houston Emmanuel and Maria Angelica Fonseca 3/14/2023
My experience with Eastville Properties was very good, they always helped me with all my doubts, and with an excellent disposition, the staff was always very friendly, especially Miss Yeimi who was very attentive to my process, helping me with a very good attitude and professionalism. I would recommend them. Thank you very much Eastville Properties, LTD.
Maria Teresa Arrieta 6/22/2022
First, I want to Thank all the staff at Eastville Properties, my experience with this company has been very pleasant, since they helped me in times of crisis with the Pandemic. They were always very friendly and helpful, and always in communication with all the details of my account, I gladly recommend their services to families and friends, and I extend the invitation to all those who are looking for a property. Thank you Eastville Properties, LTD.
Nora Lopez Valentin 6/14/2022
It was a pleasure doing business with Eastville Properties, LTD. They are always helpful solving any problem. (customer paid in full)
James Berlotti 5/6/2022
Hello!, I am Very happy to have worked with Eastville Properties, because your staff was very kind, and in a timely manner my doubts were solved, I hope to continue working with you in other land purchase, Thank you very much for being very kind and efficient. (customer paid in full)
Irma Cebreros 4/18/2022
Thank you Eastville Properties. I will highly recommend to friends and family, very good customer service. Thank you for helping me with my purchase in Salton City. The whole process was very smooth, never encountered any problems with Eastville Properties. (customer paid in full).
Jose Marquez 4/4/2022
I want to take this opportunity to thank Eastville Properties for the opportunity to buy a land and to make our experience really pleasant and enjoyable. Everyone really professional, Candida always great customer service always ready to answer any questions or concerns we had. Thank you again for everything was great doing business with a great company as Eastville Properties. (Customer paid in full)
Alejandra B. 2/22/2022
For about 4 years and 11 months I have been dealing with Eastville Properties and my experience has been excellent. Candida is very knowledgeable in the business. Good communication skills, bilingual and helpful. The monthly deduction from our bank account went smooth. We fully recommend Eastville Properties. Pleasure to work with you. (customer paid in full)
Juan M. V. 2/22/2022
The staff was great, very good attention, it was a good purchase overall. (Customer Paid in full)
Juan V. 2/22/2022
As a new land owner, I highly recommend Eastville Properties. Their representatives are friendly and helping in assisting in any questions I've had. Their payment process is very simple and convenient. They are reliable and knowledgeable.
Maria M. 2/9/2022
I had a great experience with Eastville Properties. I received updated payment information in the mail, the upcoming taxes that are due and the history payment for the year. When there was an issue regarding the payment, the staff was quick to resolve to my satisfaction. They made it easy for me to make a quick call, knowing that it will be resolved. Paid in full.
Alejandro G. 2/4/2022
I want to thank Eastville Properties Ltd. for the opportunity to be able to purchase a property in an open and honest manner. Thank you for the ease of payments from month to month and the good attention of your service. Above all, thank God for you for helping us to continue dreaming that everything is possible if you propose. Thank you. Paid in full.
Carlos M. Jr 1/31/2022
Thank you for allowing me to live my dreams of having land in America to live. The attention I received was magnificent and I feel honored to be part of this project that I was able to afford land. Continue to give this opportunity to the Latin community. Thank you. Paid in full.
Francia D. 1/27/2022
It's been a good experience to be part of the Eastville Properties, Ltd. Staff members were always helpful, and professional. Staff members should probably get a raise for the good experiences they offer me without any doubt. As a first time buyer I am very pleased with the purchases I made with and with staff members as well. Really appreciated your assistance. Paid in full.
Raul A. O. P. 1/18/2022
For us it was a pleasure to be able to buy this land with Eastville Properties, Ltd. During all this time everyone was very kind. With any questions we had, thank you very much Eastville Properties, Ltd. Paid n full.
Manuel A. M. 1/17/2022
My husband bought the lot in a city called Salton City, CA. In August 2004 with Eagle Properties Ltd., back then. And on February 2021 we were notified that Mr. Hoffman, who was the owner of Eagle Properties Ltd., had passed away, the account was purchased by Eastville Properties Ltd., in March 2021 we began to send payments to Eastville Properties, ltd. Since buying all the staff have been very helpful attentive efficient and friendly. It was a pleasure to have done business with Eagle and Eastville Properties, Ltd. I highly recommend the services of Eastville Properties Ltd. Thank you very much for everything. Paid in full.
Jose S. 1/11/2022
I am very happy with the purchase of the properties with you. Especially with Claudia C. a very professional person and very dedicated to her work. I would like her to continue being the person to help me thanks Claudia C. your work is very professional. Paid in full.
Miguel B. 12/11/2021
It has ben very pleasant to buy this land with you since in the future it could be more populated and it could be a very pleasant city, thank you so much for being so kind. Paid in full.
Luis Alonso D. 10/5/2020
It was a great experience, knowing someone can buy land and be an owner and have a place to build and live on. Thank you.
Rosa M. 9/25/2020
I recommend this place to make your dreams come true by buying a land and building the house to your liking because it is good, nice and cheap, what more can one ask for these opportunities and take advantage of them.
Diana S. 8/3/2020
I am satisfied with the purchase I made with EagleView Lots and Land, the treatment I had with the staff of the company was very kind and very attentive. I recommend this company, to who inquires about land property, I am very happy with the property I acquired, many thanks.
Victor M . 7/30/2020
I had great experience with the office personnel every time I called, I do believe I will be purchasing again with EagleView Lots and Land.
Jose Luis C . 6/12/2020
My experience was excellent. All of the staff was attentive and nice every time they gave me a response they were respectful. Thank you to your staff.
Guadalupe C. 5/26/2020
I bought a lot from EagleView Lots and Land in 2010. Not only am I delighted with the purchase of my lot but I am also extremely satisfied with their customer service: professional. Diligent and courteous. Candida, the representative I dealt with the most often has been so nice and helpful, besides being understanding and patient with my shortcomings in technology. I would buy again from them and recommend their services without any reservation.
Izabelle Joie D. 1/29/2020
I wanted to give you thanks, and say thank you for your services.
Alete Jesus V. 12/27/19
Hello, I want to thank you with all due respect for getting the chance to know you and for being united to you for this short period of time. To me they are very sincere and very efficient people in their work, I can only say that I hope God takes care of all those who work in that institution. Keep going on with your business so that you can make the dream come true for many of us, as I was able to have a small property.
Pedro L. 12/10/19
The process of the property disquisition was smooth, payments, discounts, all paperwork and communication was easy, accessible and clean. Hope Salton City environmental, health issue will be taking care of, so my investment will be profitable. Thanks for doing business with you in a very lovely way.
Jaime B. 11/5/19
Very well welcomed, always nice and ready to answer our questions, thank you!
Iise R. 11/22/19
Thank you very much for the great service and attention you gave me in the course of the purchase. From my lots. I find very happy to have achieved this goal also to let you know and recommend that with this group of EagleView Lots and Land workers, your acquisition will be easy and successful. Blessings.
Spencer T. 10/23/19
I am glad to have bought land from EagleView Lots and Land. Everyone has been very kind when I call to ask some questions, thank you, for all your help.
Mercedes V. 10/1/19
Thank you for providing us with easy access to your account with EagleView Lots and Land. Your company provided us with monthly updates to our account and gave us options to our payment process. Thank you again for everything.
Deborah H. 9/5/19
Thank you “I am satisfied with EagleView Lots and Land.” I really liked my land and the area thank you very much for your attention.
Eduardo M. L. M. 8/19/19
To all the staff at EagleView Lots and Land, it took me 18 years to pay off the piece of land I purchased with you. Thank you for all your kindness and promptness on answering any questions I had regarding my land. Thank you for understanding and working with me, the times I was late on my payment due to my mail service. Thank you for sending an envelope every month for me to send in my payment (it was so helpful) and most of all thank you for such a great service all these years, it has been a pleasure to work with you. Next time I buy a piece of land, you know I will be calling EagleView Lots and Land for their service.
Cipriano N. 8/8/19
Actually, the method they have in making monthly payments automatically was very good. For our part, I am satisfied with the terrain and area we chose. WE like the fact that there are already schools near us and neighbors. EagleView Lots and Land always kept us to date of every payment and detail of our account. They always had an answer if we had any questions. I would like to thank them for the service provided. Thanks EagleView Lots and Land.
Francisco O. Jr. 7/29/19
My experience with EagleView Lots and Land was very good, pleasant relationship with the staff very friendly, answering my questions and my doubts. And above all very happy to be able to say that we have a lot in the USA. Thank you.
Blanca E. 7/1/19
Very happy with my purchase and the staff is very friendly ad helpful they made my transaction fast and easy. Totally recommend EagleView Lots and Land to anyone wishing to purchase land.
Alfredo A. B. 6/27/19
Eastville Properties, thank you always taking the time to always answer phone calls and explaining everything as detailed as possible your customer service is excellent and hassle free. We would recommend you guys to our friends and family. Thank you.
Jose G. 6/21/19
Just a quick note of gratitude for the personal attention I’ve received. I appreciate the effort in processing the proper paper work to set the Grant Deed of my new property.
Norma D. 5/23/19
Thank you for being patient with me! When I was in a tight position, I never received harassment or a nasty phone call. When I have called the office someone has always answered with a friendly voice. Now that’s a plus. Thank you.
Beatrice B. 5/17/19
It was a very productive experience for me and my family. It was nice to be part of this. Every time I had a question I always got a nice response. Thank you.
Esperanza E. 5/14/19
After a while listening on the radio I finally made the decision to stop by and purchase a piece of land. EagleView Lots and Land made it very easy and I can’t believe I own my own land now. I’m very happy!! Thank you!
Jesus S. 4/30/19
To whom it may concern I am very pleased and satisfied to have had a good relationship with EagleView Lots and Land and its employees, who were always very kind and attentive with the questions I asked, thank you very much.
Antonio I.R. 4/22/19
I am very satisfied with my experience with EagleView Lots and Land. The times I had questions or doubts, they were always friendly and answered my questions. Thank you for all your help! It was a long process but I am happy that I could finish paying my land.
Pilar A. 4/8/19
We are very happy and appreciate that they take us into account. As they gave us the opportunity. With the purchase of these lands, our loans are more secure, than in the bank. We thank you for your esteem towards us.
Carlos M. 4/5/19
We are very satisfied with the service and attention of EagleView Lots and Land personnel, very accessible and clarifying any doubt we had. Thank you very much and it was a pleasure to do business with you.
Adelina V. 4/4/19
According to the time that I have been in contact with the personnel of that company, I feel very satisfied in the way their deal was. They were always very kind to me. Each call made to make the payments was done accurately. They always treated me with a lot of courtesy. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to buy with you. Without more I thank you for everything.
Armando R. 4/4/19
I note that the group EagleView Lots and Land treated us in wonderful and educated way so we are convinced to recommend them and we only have kindness for them for their treatment in this purchase of the lot that we fortunately bought with them.
Alejandro L. 4/1/19
Thank you in advance for helping me to be the owner of a piece of land with EagleView Lots and Land. I am grateful to you for having had the patience with me to liquidate the property.
Jesus B.O. 3/7/19
I am very satisfied with your team and at the same time I am very satisfied in the way I was treated, you guys are all very nice than you so much.
Rosalio S.G. 2/18/19
Hello, My name is Jesus R. C. I want to thank EagleView Lots and Land and their kind collaborators for the support and help that they measured in the purchase of my land. They were very kind and understanding, I thank them for the opportunity and I recommend them extensively. Thank you very much EagleView Lots and Land for making my dream come true.
Jesus R. C. 2/14/19
Thank you EagleView Lots and Land! I am satisfied, you have treated me great, thank you for your patience. I am very happy because this is the first lot I have bought. Thank you EagleView Lots and Land. Thank you to the girls who attended me great, thank you to everyone.
Aquilino L. 1/30/19
I am very grateful to you and at the same time I am very satisfied with the way they treated me. You are all very kind, thank you very much.
Rosalio S. 1/22/19
First of all, I am very happy to have worked with EagleView Lots and Land. Thank you for the help you provide to your clients. I am satisfied with the explanation that you give from the beginning everything was well explained. Thanks for helping the clients have less doubts because the charges are well explained. I am happy that I am going to end with all the payments, it is a pleasure to have been a member of this project, thank you for the attention.
Celestino L. 1/3/19
I am very happy because I am almost finished paying for my property that I acquired through EagleView Lots and Land, acquiring it in January of 2011 and I will finish paying it in February 2019, it is not too bad in half of the time. I want to thank Candida Araiza for being so professional, always friendly and polite like Rebecca Vieira was a pleasure to work with you.
Jose M. M. 12/26/18
As a person with a low paying job, I never thought I would be bale to own property. Now thanks to Eastville Propertues, I own real estate. The down payment was reasonable and the monthly payment was affordable. Eastville was very flexible. When I was able to pay more than the minimum they allowed me to do it. I always felt I was in control of my finances instead of being controlled by my finances. M loan never felt like a burden for that I thank Eastville and would certainly recommend Eastville Properties to anybody looking for a real estate loan.
Edward C. 12/3/18
The experience I had with EagleView Lots and Land was really great. The services and any question I had they answered with no problem I hope that with my next purchase I get the same service.
Victor B. 12/12/18
As a property owner, I know the value and benefits of owning real estate whenever I find an opportunity to acquire more real estate I try to take advantage of it. EagleView Lots and Land gave me such an opportunity. EagleView Lots and Land made my down payment affordable and the payments did not put a strain on my budget. EagleView Lots and Land’s team was really helpful. I had the option of an early pay-off and could pay a little extra each month and it made sense. That was really helpful. They were very easy to work with. I recommend EagleView Lots and Land to all investors, big or small.
Bonnie S. 12/1/18
First of all I feel content with having integrated myself into this project of aquiring a property. You from the first day gave me very good reasons for me to make the right decision this time that I have been paying the bill they treated me I am thankful the charges that were well explained and I thank you very much I am satisfied with the attention of the staff in charge and happy for almost having the property to my name thank you very much for the attention EagleView Lots and Land.
Celestino L. 11/29/18
I am very satisfied with the services that I was provided and very happy with the lot I purchased. Thank you EagleView Lots and Land!
David G. 11/19/18
I am very grateful for your great services and great attention during the whole time you were helping me, I received very good attention. If anyone was interested in buying I would recommend you with great compliments, like I have done with other people who have bought lots. Thank you for your services.
Henry R. 4/16/18
I am giving my testimonial for giving me the opportunity to purchase my first piece of land with you guys and I hope that in the future you guys give me the opportunity to buy more land. If you guys would be so polite to contact me in the future with more information. Thank you.
Efrain A. 2/12/18
It was a great experience and well organized. I hope that you guys have another promotion and take us into consideration. Thank you.
Jorge V. 2/12/18
We are very happy with your services, thank you very much. We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Wilfrido & Marialena R. 12/15/17
Thanks for all your help, and keep up the good business, I will refer you to all my friends.
Elva G. D. 9/6/17
I consider this a great opportunity to have bought my property from you guys and I am very satisfied to have received my contract and to be given all the attention from EagleView Lots and Land. I am very grateful for you guys and I hope to soon buy from you guys once again in the future not too far from now.
Saul R. 5/20/17
I am very grateful for all the work done. The promptness and fastness of receiving my statements and understood the clarity of my accounts. Always thankful.
Claudia Alejandra S. 5/31/17
Thank you. I appreciate your integrity. You’ve renewed my faith and trust in humanity! I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends or anyone else looking to buy property in the Salton City area in the future.
Pamela J. 10/07/15
Since all my dealings were done by phone and mail, I did not have any face-to-face interactions. However, all phone calls were answered promptly and courteously and all proper information was given to me. And all mail was handled right on time. Thank you!
8/20/15 Consuelo Z.
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